Paxar Technologies, established in 1991, is a Canadian firm that specializes in the sales and support of specialized design software for architecture, design, landscape and entertainment. Our two main titles are Vectorworks, a 2D designing and 3D modelling program, and Artlantis, a powerful rendering program. On our website, we offer you details about the products we sell, however it’s worth noting here that what sets Paxar Technologies apart from other resellers is not so much the products we sell, but our approach to customer service. You may have heard it before, but at Paxar, we really do make customer satisfaction our number one priority.

This means whenever you call, you’re going to be talking to someone who takes the time to ask the right questions, listens to you and ultimately finds the right solution for your needs. The way we see it, the sale is just the beginning of a relationship with us. Unlike other large resellers, at Paxar there’s a human being available to help you with set up, day-to-day functionality, and/or training. Having done this since 1991, many of our customers have become very good friends. Although we love the business side of things, it’s this last fact that makes us really proud!

Our Moral Compass and “Karma”.

Chances are you won’t find another software reseller that raises a topic like this, but we feel it’s necessary to point out that in business, what goes around, does come around. We feel that words like “morals”, “sincerity” and “integrity” are just as important as words such as “sales” and “margins”. If you don’t need it, we won’t be selling it to you, period. In fact, we probably spend as much time talking clients out of something as we do explaining appropriate solutions. This earnest approach has built up what we value most at Paxar – long term relationships with our customers. If you’d like to learn more about how we roll, please pick up the phone or drop us a line any time – we’d love to chat about your needs.

Our Team

Teri Young
Sales, Communication, Marketing
and Technical Support

Trevor Pyne-Mercier
Sales, Communication and Marketing

Neil Barman
Training, Productivity and Technical Support Specialist

Rob Nykolaishen
Technical Support Specialist

Donna Dewdney
Administration, Order Support, Shipping,
Office Support and Database Management

Kelsey Cadwallader
Administrative Assistant, Social Media Management