The Braceworks™ add-on for Vectorworks Spotlight and Designer provides design, production, and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load.

This one-of-a-kind module assists you with ensuring safety and compliance with engineering codes and standards, creating a completely integrated modeling, analysis, and documentation process in one interface.

Is Braceworks right for you?

If you’re an event designer, production manager, rigging professional, or you run a venue requiring truss loads or rigging, you’ll get great value out of Braceworks.

With Braceworks, you can:

  • Analyze complete 3D structural systems modeled in Spotlight or Designer.
  • Analyze point- and distributed-load types, straight and curved structural members, and multiple materials.
  • Use the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to perform static analyses, with results displaying graphically on the model for easy reference.
  • Create detailed calculation reports.
  • Export models in DSTV format for collaboration with structural engineers using other FEA software.





The user of the Braceworks software is solely responsible for the use of the software product and for the completeness and accuracy of the analysis and design results. The software does not provide certified calculations; certified calculations can be provided only by a licensed structural engineer. It is the user’s responsibility to verify that all loads, forces, connections, and calculations comply with all manufacturer load tables, equipment labels, and engineering specifications. Equipment, structures, designs, and calculations must comply with all applicable standards (for example, ANSI, Eurocode etc.) and meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction. You are solely responsible for all work product created using the software.

For Education

Are you offering design courses in a computer lab environment? Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at deeply discounted pricing for educational institutions. Our lab licenses are very flexible, and permit users to launch  the software from anywhere that has access to your network.