Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at educational pricing for Macintosh and Windows computer labs and for individual computers.

Our lab licenses are very flexible and permit students to launch the software from anywhere that has access to your network. The majority of educational lab licenses of Vectorworks are controlled by a single hardware dongle on a server computer. This keeps track of the number of available seats at any point in time. All dongle controlled lab licenses are provided in a version that will ignore any educational watermark when printing from the lab.

In certain circumstances an educational facility might require a different form of lab license. Please contact us directly to determine what the best solution will be in your particular case!

A stand-alone instructor educational license of Vectorworks software may be purchased by an Educational institution or by a professor, with the caveat that it be used for instructional purposes only. Single instructor licenses are offered in two forms – with a hardware dongle, which permits installations on multiple computers, or without a hardware dongle which permits a total of two activations (may be used on only one computer at any one time). With the hardware dongle version, the dongle (key) simply needs to be attached to your current computer.

All single seat educational licenses create files that are permanently stamped with a watermark.


Accredited educational institutions can equip their design labs with FREE Artlantis Studio key-server versions with no limitations on time and functions.

You will need a special, renewable key-server serial number to be able to run Artlantis Studio on an unlimited number of computers. It will convert the installed demo versions into full commercial licenses.

To receive your lab license of Artlantis, please contact us directly and we can arrange for you to get what you need. The demo version of Artlantis is available here.


Instructors who have obtained a license of Vectorworks may request a free license of interior cad here. You will need to have your Vectorworks serial number handy when you do.

Information you can share with your students and new graduates

Free copies of Vectorworks are available to your current students any time through our the Vectorworks Student Portal.

Please ensure that students complete the request process – otherwise they end up with just a 30 day trial which can be disconcerting to them the night before a big project is due!

Please direct your graduating students to our Student2Pro program. Within their first year after graduation they can purchase a deeply discounted rate for any flavour of the Vectorworks software family. This unique offer has been developed to help graduates launch their careers.