Getting Started with Vectorworks Cloud Services
30 Mar

Getting Started with Vectorworks Cloud Services

You’ve probably noticed that the computing “cloud” is mentioned quite a bit these days. Most of the time you hear about storing your files “in the cloud” so that all your various devices can access them.
Vectorworks Inc has a different, more powerful, take on what you can do with the cloud, and what it can do for you. Best of all, with Vectorworks 2016, Vectorworks Cloud Services is now built right into the application.
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Vectorworks Cloud Services provides Vectorworks Service Select subscribers with a number of benefits that simply can’t be matched by a basic, cloud-based file storage solution:

  • File Storage: Store your files in the cloud and access them anytime and anywhere with up to 5GB of free storage for Vectorworks Service Select subscribers. Changes you make to Vectorworks files at your desktop are automatically synchronized to your private VCS library, allowing you to browse and share your latest designs from any web-enabled device.
  • Access Anywhere: You can access your Vectorworks files anywhere, whenever you need them, using your mobile device.
  • Mobile Presentation & Markups: Using the Vectorworks Nomad app, you can present & share your designs, explore your 3D models, measure and mark-up your 2D drawings with a variety of tools.
  • Computing in the Cloud: Vectorworks’ computers take care of the “heavy lifting” of generating sections, elevations, renderings and BIM data from your model. That way, you can keep working on files with your desktop computer and avoid slowdowns. You can publish your project’s sheets and saved views to Vectorworks Cloud Services, thereby having Vectorworks’ computers do your PDF creation or rendering for you.
  • Connecting with Dropbox: You can connect to Dropbox so that Vectorworks Cloud Services so that it can perform its great features to any Vectorworks files you’ve saved to Dropbox.

Project Sharing: Essential Reading & Viewing

Here is some essential material to familiarize yourself with Vectorworks Cloud Services and what it can do.

A brief introductory video about Vectorworks Cloud Services:

How to get started with Vectorworks Cloud Services:

The main Vectorworks Cloud Services information webpage:

The full Vectorworks Cloud Services FAQ is located here:

The Vectorworks Cloud Services website itself:

A video describing the Vectorworks Nomad app:

Last but not least, here’s a great article from Construction Computing magazine in the UK about Vectorworks Cloud Services, Vectorworks Service Select and Nomad.

Now it’s time to explore what you can achieve with Vectorworks Cloud Services!

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