Getting Started with Project Sharing in Vectorworks 2016
29 Feb

Getting Started with Project Sharing in Vectorworks 2016

Collaborating on a project with more than one person in your office? Many hands make quick work with Vectorworks’ new feature: Project Sharing.

Project Sharing is a new feature in Vectorworks 2016 that allows a team of users to work on the same project file at the same time. This can all be done without the need to set up Workgroup References. It also helps avoid the tedious, time consuming and error prone practice of copy & pasting one team member’s work from one file to another.

The best part is, for the most part it works based on a regular Vectorworks file, just with some added functionality that allows for that file to be shared among the team.

What this means to you is:

The tasks involved in the design and drawing/modelling of a project can now easily be delegated or shared.

Project Sharing works on the principle of “checking out” Design Layers or Sheet Layers from a single Vectorworks file that contains the whole project. Hence, you may need to modify your typical Vectorworks file organization slightly depending on your team’s division of labour. If your current workflow involves splitting up plans, elevations, sections, etc into separate Vectorworks files, you’ll need to modify your workflow. The benefits of Project Sharing, plus improved consistency, are well worth it. (If you already create your projects in their own single files complete with drawn or modelled plans, elevations, sections, etc that you likely don’t need to change very much, if anything.)

Another key aspect of Project Sharing is that it incorporates different levels of “permissions”, so you get to decide how much, or how little, any given user can do.

Perhaps most important of all, it is vital to remember that Project Sharing does not take the place of communication between team members. To use Project Sharing to its fullest, a team and its manager must continue to discuss progress and protocols.

Intro and teaser videos

This official introduction video arrived on Vectorworks 2016’s launch day and provides a taste of what Project Sharing is and what it can do…

To see more of Project Sharing in action, there is also this silent teaser video that arrived right after the 2015 Vectorworks Design Summit. Even without sound, you can see the entire process in action to get a sense of how it works.

Introductory videos in the Planet Vectorworks Tech Roundup Dec 2015

The Planet Vectorworks December Tech Roundup had these 3 introductory videos to help you get started with Project Sharing.

Project Sharing: Essential Reading

When you are ready to dive in and try Project Sharing for your team, we highly recommend that you:

  • Read the white paper: Introduction to Project Sharing
  • Read about Project Sharing in the Vectorworks Help files.
  • Read the Project Sharing FAQ list. (Definitely read this list before you embark on using Project Sharing. It answers questions you may not have realized you have yet.)

 Now go forth and be productive!

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