Vectorworks Landmark is the new standard in Landscape design software. No matter what type of exterior design you work in, when you use Landmark you’ll be able to design whatever you envision. Its flexible tools, versatile capabilities, and intuitive interface provide you with a superior 2D and 3D design application that is second to none.

How are you engaging in the world of Landscape design? Are you designing community gardens, parks or other regional outdoor areas? Is your focus residential landscape design and private spaces? Are you engaged in large pathway projects or small backyard renovations? Do your days entail careful detailing of planting plans, including plant lists and clear plan views of the project? Are you designing landscapes that include both soft-scapes and hardscapes, with retaining walls or slope calculations? Do you wish to include future time projections in your designs, to give your clients more information about what they will have in 2 years and 10? Do you work as a Project Manager and help implement a landscape design – making the vision a reality? If you answer yes to any of these questions we have the perfect software for you.

Products Recommended for Landscape Design Work:


Artlantis for Advanced Rendering

For Education

Are you offering design courses in a computer lab environment? Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at deeply discounted pricing for educational institutions. Our lab licenses are very flexible, and permit users to launch  the software from anywhere that has access to your network.