Artlantis Render is designed for those who seek high-quality rendered “still” images. It provides fast, precise and flexible fine-tuning of any 3D scene, resulting in images with incredible realism and atmosphere. Artlantis Render offers textures, surface patterns, integration of multiple light sources, global illumination, 3D objects, billboards, soft shadows and parallel views — together with an unprecedented level of speed and performance.

Is Artlantis Render right for you?

If you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Urban Planner, Landscaper, Exhibition Organizer, or Exhibitor and are wanting to import data from a large number of CAD and BIM 3D software applications Artlantis Render is the product for your needs.

Artlantis Render offers superior rendering with a fast and detailed real-time preview window that refreshes quickly, even when you employ the new FastRadiosity™ engine. Using drag-and-drop, you can place 3D objects and vegetation directly onto the preview window — simply import a basic 3D model, and enhance it with additional objects. Then experiment with different scenarios in a real environment by quickly editing your scenes.

Artlantis products are cross-platform (Macintosh or Windows) and include a Vectorworks Plugin that permits models to be exported and updated from within Vectorworks. Once you have started to render your scene, if the model changes in Vectorworks you can update your Artlantis file and retain all of the lighting, shaders, textures and objects that you have added.

Plugins are also available for other CAD applications – including Sketchup, ArchiCAD and Revit.

If you are looking for both still images and animations, please check out Artlantis Studio.

For Education

Are you offering design courses in a computer lab environment? Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at deeply discounted pricing for educational institutions. Our lab licenses are very flexible, and permit users to launch  the software from anywhere that has access to your network.