Are you new to Vectorworks? Do you want to improve your Vectorworks skills?

Check out the Resources below…

Are you completely new to Vectorworks?

If so, start by watching the videos in the Getting Started Guides series. (If you’ve been using the software for years yet not formally learned Vectorworks, they’re interesting and useful to watch.) The guides are designed to provide you with a strong base as you learn to use Vectorworks to design, communicate, and document your ideas.

Help is never far away when you’re using Vectorworks!

Available both directly within Vectorworks under the Help menu as well as online, the integrated Help System explains most of what you’ll find in the application. Are you curious about how a tool or command works? Look for the answer in the Help system first.

Got a question about Vectorworks?

Chances are, someone else has had that same question too. The Vectorworks Community Forum (aka the Techboard) is a fantastic forum where users from all over the world can connect to share ideas, Vectorworks resources (objects, hatches, etc) and answers to each others’ questions. There are even some staffers from Vectorworks who often share their knowledge.

A great compendium of information about Vectorworks

The Vectorworks Knowledgebase. contains countless instructional articles & technical bulletins about the software. We use it daily, often to answer your questions, and trust that you’ll find  it incredibly valuable too.

Vectorworks YouTube Channel
Feel like sitting back and watching more about Vectorworks?

The Vectorworks YouTube channel is the place to go. There are loads of videos on a wide range of features and techniques.

Want to see what’s happen elsewhere in the world of Vectorworks?

There’s no better place than Planet Vectorworks. Here you’ll find inspiration, case studies and how-to’s all about the software that you use.