Technical Support

Vectorworks Technical Support Resources

Built-in help system
Vectorworks installs with comprehensive Help documentation. Simply go to the Help menu within the application to launch the Vectorworks Help System.

Vectorworks Tech Board Community Forum
Vectorworks Inc. runs a very helpful community forum called the Tech Board where you may find answers to your questions.

Vectorworks Knowledgebase
The Vectorworks Knowledgebase holds many informative articles, how-to’s & bulletins about Vectorworks.

Technical Support
All Professional Vectorworks products come with a full year of technical support: Telephone support is available Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, priority to Vectorworks Service Select customers. If your technical question includes documents or screen captures as part of the explanation of your problem, please email your questions to

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are a great place to connect with other users and search archives for troubleshooting assistance.

Software Updates
Vectorworks will check for updates periodically by default, however you will need to manually download and install the updates. You could also choose to periodically check the Software Updates Page for downloads.

Artlantis Technical Support Resources

Public access is available to anyone wishing to delve into the Artlantis FAQ. By opening a free Artlantis account, you can visit the Artlantis Support Center to download demo versions, updates, tutorials and documentation. Once you have an Artlantis account, you can register your product. Registration means you can display your work in the Artlantis Gallery, participate in online forums and have easy access to online technical support.

Training Resources

Vectorworks Training Resources

Vectorworks Service Select
If you are a member of the Vectorworks Service Select, you also will have access to the Service Select web portal where there are considerable number of videos, webinars and tutorials available for you. You can find out more about the Vectorworks Service Select Maintenance Agreement here.

Vectorworks Website
The Vectorworks site provides a broad array of training resources: from Getting Started Guides and Videos, to Self-paced TrainingContinuing Education Training plus a vast Online Video Library. Printed and DVD Tutorial Books are available directly from Paxar – feel free to contact us any time for a current listing of what we have in stock.

Youtube has an ever expanding library of Vectorworks videos, provided by Vectorworks Inc. as well as users and trainers from around the world.

Artlantis Training Resources

Free tutorials are provided on the Artlantis website.

Additional Resources

The Vectorworks Knowledgebase is a searchable wealth of information.

There are many third-party products that extend the functionality of Vectorworks, ie. ready-to-use product symbols, images and textures.

There are multiple Vectorworks user groups with meeting listings and searchable archives.

The Service Directory will assist you in finding specific services and networking opportunities.

The Vectorworks Job Board lists employment opportunities offered by and for Vectorworks users.