Vectorworks Technical Support

All Professional Vectorworks products come with a full year of technical support from Paxar. Priority is given to Vectorworks Service Select customers, followed by those using the two most recent versions, currently Vectorworks 2018 and 2017. The most effective & efficient way to get technical support is by completing and submitting the form below.

If your technical question includes Vectorworks files, system profiles, crash logs, screen captures or other documents as part of the explanation of your problem, please send those items with your initial request, because this helps expedite answering your question. (If your files are large, please upload them to Dropbox and include a link to download them.) The more information you can provide via the form below, the quicker we can help solve your issue.

Technical support is meant to help you overcome technical difficulties in using our software. It is not intended as a source of training. We recommend you consult the built-in help system for 2018, the built-in Help system for VW2017, the built-in Help system for VW2016 or other resources listed below before contacting us, in order to attempt to resolve the problem yourself.

Also before contacting us, please make sure that you are running the most current Service Pack for your version of Vectorworks, that you have recently restarted Vectorworks and that you have restarted your computer as this often resolves many issues.

Technical support is available from Mon. to Fri., 9:00am – 4:00pm Pacific Time.

Before contacting Paxar for technical support:

  • Have you reviewed our Frequently Asked Questions? If not, please do. You might find the answer to your question.
  • Please make sure that you have updated to the most recent Service Pack.
  • Please ensure that you have restarted your computer and confirmed that the issue is still occurring. Approximately 53% of the issues we respond to are solved by updating your software and restarting your computer.
If you do need to contact us for technical support, please provide us with the following information:

(items marked with * are required)

Also note that you can search our collection of solutions, FAQ’s and articles using the “Search Articles” link below.

While you await a response from us, as we may currently be assisting others, please feel free to use these resources to research and solve the issue you are having:


Built-in Help System

Available both directly within Vectorworks under the Help menu as well as online, the integrated Help System explains most of what you’ll find in the application. Do you need to know more about how to use a tool or command?  If you want to know how it works, look for the answer in the Help system.


Vectorworks Community Board Forum

Chances are, someone else has had that same question that you have right now. The Vectorworks Community Board (aka the Techboard) is a fantastic forum where users from all over the world can connect to share ideas, Vectorworks resources (objects, hatches, etc) and answers to each others’ questions. Vectorworks Inc staffers often participate and share their knowledge too!

Vectorworks Knowledgebase

Vectorworks Knowledgebase

The Vectorworks Knowledgebase. contains countless instructional articles & technical bulletins about the software. We use it daily, often to answer your questions, and trust that you’ll find it incredibly valuable too.