I’ve had a relationship with the Dragon and Paxar for close to 20 years now. In the late 90s, I needed to move to a 3D environment and needed to be able to draw what my mind was telling me was there. I’ve spent the last 10 years as a head carpenter in an Autocad based theater and I more than survived, I grew. I can now data mine the cad plans, organize them, visualize and verify my intuitions. I can be prepared. As I see it, 80% of the work is the homework before the take-in. I could not limit my dealings with Paxar to calling them business dealings. After all this time, it’s called a relationship. I always talk to a human being who has a name, is willing to exchange local weather facts, that will find the needed info, and reach a win-win solution and deliver. – Bruce Johansen, Theatre du Nouveau Monde


The Paxar team has guided me for over 20 years with their timely, unique and personalized Vectorworks support for which I am truly thankful.  I can’t describe a more positive customer experience. – Mitch Mazerolle, Point Source Visual Design


I have known Teri since MiniCad 6 and never has the software been the only thing. Teri doesn’t fill orders, she sells to real people. She can provide tech support or is willing to talk gardening. She sells high tech products in an old fashioned person-to-person way.  – Ross Nichol


Paxar represents the only full service local software support for any of the computer software we use. This alone makes Vectorworks the clear and easy choice for CAD programs. – Wayne Davis, Award Builders


I have dealt with Paxar for many years, and have always had the benefit of committed, knowledgeable support that comes from the small team of dedicated staff.  Paxar is truly passionate about the products they provide and the support they offer to their customers. Vectorworks is an outstanding CAD product that allows efficient creation of drawings and models for a wide range of fields and industries.  It delivers high value for the purchase cost and functionality greater than many other packages. I regularly recommend the product to other users and it is my preferred tool for design tasks from concept development to detail drawings.  This product has supported my design efforts over many years, and several versions. The strong software package paired with the exceptional local support provided by Paxar makes an unbeatable tool. – Colin Cameron, Aisling Engineering


We have been working with Paxar for over a decade and appreciate their honesty and complete knowledge of the products they sell. Paxar has been on-top of changes in the AEC industry and has kept our practice at the leading-edge. – Bill Lett, Lett Architects


Paxar provides amazing customer support. My calls are returned very quickly, and always by someone knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. And on top of that, we always have a great chat! Computer software can be daunting, but Paxar makes it easier to use and understand. They always take the time to answer my questions and walk me through any issues we’re having. Paxar was recommended to me by someone who described their customer support as “Amazing. They’ll help you with anything”. I was skeptical, but having worked with them for 8 years now, I know it is true. – Robbin Cheesman, Stratford Festival


Vectorworks, your No 1 application for designers on the move. With Production personnel scattered far and wide and venues even farther, Vectorworks helps bring it all together and has been our saving grace more often than I care to think about. – Adrian Goldberg, TAD Lighting Services


Teri and the crew at Paxar are very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions or issues, and they have provided the products and support to keep my business running smoothly since 2007. – Kelvin Humenny, InHabit Modern Dwellings


As a user of Vectorworks, I have worked with Paxar Technologies for many years and appreciate their great service. They are always readily available to offer assistance when I encounter some difficulties. It has been a pleasure to know Teri and I intend to continue our working relationship in the coming years. – David Murray, Architect


Teri and her team at Paxar are always there to help me when I need it! It is very reassuring to see how dedicated and passionate they are to serve you. – Claude Giguere, Chez Ashton restaurants.


I have known Teri and the Paxar Team for over 15 years. They have always been very friendly and more than helpful finding the best solution to fit my Vectorworks needs and budget. Their customer service makes you feel like a friend, not just a faceless software user.” – Kathryn Koshman, Zebra Design


Paxar was great to deal with. I have recommended them to my colleagues and friends and they too have had great interactions. Teri is the best, easy to work with, good sense of humour and understanding, any concerns or questions I had were dealt with immediately, professionally, and pleasantly. I highly recommend that this is where you go to get hooked up with Vectorworks. – Adrien Whan, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


We have been more than happy with the service we have received from Paxar. Not only for being pro-active in helping us make decisions for our purchases, but also for trouble-shooting any issues we come across as we try to push the boundaries of the software. Always friendly, helpful, and quick with a response. – David Stoyko, Sharp & Design Landscape Architecture


I depend on Vectorworks for landscape concept development, testing landforms through terrain modeling, building massing, streetscape, and vegetation visualizations. Design concepts are readily translated into the detailed design and construction documents phases. – Don Crockett, Golder Associates Ltd.


Paxar has been a big part of my journey with Vectorworks. Their customer support based on the knowledge and experience of the program is outstanding. It made the transition period from the previous CAD program to Vectorworks and each version upgrade so much easier. Vectorworks was already a solid and reliable program when the initial version was released. It came with useful and powerful tools to begin with. What made me more impressed is the improvements Vectorworks Inc. made version after version. It provided us more powerful tools and made our work easier, faster and we could create a higher level of design work without compromising.


Artlantis makes 3D rendering fun. All tools are easy to use and control and you can produce images of excellent quality very quickly. Because of its speed, we can spend more time trying different materials on 3D model and produce more options which is a great benefit for both designers and clients. It is a great 3D rendering program to use with Vectorworks and Sketch’ Up. – Mike Mikamo, Arch.Link & Network


I can’t say enough good things about Paxar! They have been our Vectorworks service provider since 2003 when we began the exciting and occasionally painful transition to CAD after a decade of working as a hand drawing based firm. Over the years Teri and her team have patiently and knowledgeably guided us through updates, and helped resolve a myriad of user mishaps and program issues, even staying up late and working weekends along with us when necessary. They are a much appreciated and essential part of our extended team! – Bev Windjack, LADR Landscape Architects


We’ve been very impressed with Teri’s friendliness and responsiveness, even when we made it challenging at times. As an Exhibit Design firm we would certainly recommend her for your CAD software needs. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support Teri! – W3 Design Group Inc.


The Paxar team is super knowledgeable about their products and consistently professional in their service. I get the feeling they really care about my business! – Kelly Seminoff, Parker Seminoff Architects


I have had the pleasure of working with Teri and the rest of the gang at Paxar for the past eight years. They have always been extremely supportive and friendly whenever I’ve required their assistance or guidance. It has always been a pleasure dealing with them and I would not hesitate to recommend their team for anyone considering purchasing VectorWorks licences and looking for great support in managing your software. – Peter Hildebrand, Iredale Group Architecture


Teri and Paxar have always been exceptionally helpful and patient.  Whether it’s sending multiple quotes for software while I contemplate purchases over and over, answering the same tech support question for the fourth time, or reminding me of my serial number when I’m trying to upgrade, Teri is always friendly, cooperative and quick to respond to my emails.  If only all my suppliers were so supportive! – Pam Nichol


I would like to thank you for your help, expertise and excellent service for many years. I bet you that not many of your customers would know what we are talking about if we mention MiniCad, the beginning of the fabulous VectorWorks. I would recommend your company and product to anybody, as not only might you get pestered to obtain yet another upgrade or new version of Vectoworks, but you get excellent service, support and friendship as well. – Ladi Holovsky, Architect


With time, I’ve acquired the certainty that we must carefully choose our tools. For me,Vectorworks is an important one. It supports every aspect of my creative process, from preliminary design to final technical drawings. – Bernard White, Set and Light Designer


We have had the pleasure of doing business with Paxar Technologies Corp for over 25 years. Paxar is our distributor for Vectorworks. We have had very few problems with Vectorwork but in each and every case Teri came to our assistance in an extremely fast and always helpful manner. We haven’t had an issue that Teri did not resolve. We work on Macintosh computers and Vectorworks fits the bill in every aspect, as does Teri and Paxar.

We have been using Vectorworks since it was using the name MiniCad.  Regardless of the program title or the version of Mac OS, we have found “Vectorworks to be exemplary in the production of our drawings in disciplines such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Sheet Metal and Architecture to name a few.  The most outstanding feature for us is the 3D capability.  It is the easiest 3D system I have yet to encounter.  We have tried other CAD programs, but we have not seen anything that even comes close to the intuitive interface and library of symbols that is provided with the program.  I can only say that Vectorworks has saved us time and money due to the ease of learning the program. Vectorworks is also quick to update for OS changes and minor fixes. In summary, We use Vectoworks because it is based on Common Sense! – Colin Vann, Vann Mechanical Services Ltd.


From student versions to full versions of Vectorworks 2015, Teri and the Paxar team have been there every step of the way. With outstanding customer support and amazing products, Paxar has been far more than a supplier, they are a partner! – Don Parman, Evan-Par Productions


Paxar has been providing  me with great customer service for the last 22 years. Even from Montréal I’ve never felt that  the distance was creating delay in their response. The team always gave me good support with trouble shooting. They also recommended efficient educational tools that permitted me to learn the software quickly .  I ‘ve delivered  hundreds of detailed plans to my clients with a fresher look compared to any other software. The whole  Paxar experience is a big part of why I love my job so much. – Geneviève Raynauld, Nine Design


We have been associated with Paxar since the 80’s and cannot imagine what life would be like without them.  Their expertise and first hand knowledge of the products we use allows them to answer any question we have and help us in too many ways to list. – Scot Whitham, Mirvish Productions


The team at Paxar Technologies are always extremely responsive to the requirements of my studio. In the thirteen years that we have done business, they have always been pleasant and thoughtful. – Melanie Greenaway, Double Dare Design


Teri and her staff are a treat to deal with because they are always happy, helpful and professional. – Dave Calder, Calder Design Inc.


Paxar Technologies, outstanding service, knowledgeable and timely tech support. Real people with excellent products. – Russ Olsen, Olson Beatty Golf Ltd.