12 Jun

TOOLSDAY Tuesday – the Pan Tool

This TOOLSDAY’s featured tool is the PAN tool, located in the BASIC tool set.

Common use:
• To “move around” or change the view of your drawing/model area.

Default keyboard shortcut:
• ‘H’, if you would like to make the Pan tool your active tool. This is handy (excuse the pun) when you want to do a lot of panning.
• Alternatively you can hold down the Spacebar to briefly “boomerang” to the Pan tool while using another tool. When you let go of the Spacebar, your previously active tool will be reactivated.

More info about the tool’s modes:
No modes to see here. The tool does what it does as-is.

Neat PAN tool tricks:
Double-clicking the pan tool’s icon in the basic tool palette will re-draw or re-render your current view.

Check out this related Help doc…

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