22 May

TOOLSDAY Tuesday – the Selection Tool

This TOOLSDAY’s featured tool is the SELECTION tool, located in the BASIC tool set.

Common uses:
• Select objects so that you can get more info about them
• Move, scale or resize objects

Default keyboard shortcut:
• The ‘x’ key on your keyboard

Three basic modes allow you to disable scaling/resizing, allow resizing/scaling of a single object, and allow resizing/scaling of multiple selected objects at once.

The selection tool’s marquee doesn’t have to be a rectangle. It can be can a freeform lasso or a polygon. This is handy for selecting objects that are surrounded by other items you don’t want to select.

The Connected Walls mode determines whether or not walls stay connected when you move them with the selection tool.

Neat selection tool tricks:
• Hold shift key (Mac) while clicking on objects to select more then one object on each click
• Hold option key (Mac) to select multiple objects as marquee overlaps

Check out this related Help doc…

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