10 Jul

TOOLSDAY Tuesday – Select Similar Tool

This TOOLSDAY’s featured tool is the SELECT SIMILAR tool, located in the Basic tool palette. The Select Similar tool is often referred to as the “Magic Wand” tool, for obvious reasons.

Common use:
• To select all objects that are similar to the first one on which you click, according to certain attributes that you choose.

Default keyboard shortcut to activate the tool:
• None (It tends to not be used often enough to warrant a default keyboard shortcut.)

More info about the tool’s modes:
• The “Select Any Object” mode will apply the Select Similar tool’s preferences to ALL objects that it can select, regardless of location. This is very powerful, so use this mode wisely.
• The “Current Selection” mode will only apply the Select Similar tool’s Preferences to the objects that you currently have selected, allowing you to further narrow down a subset of the objects you already have selected.

Neat SELECT SIMILAR tool tricks:
• If you regularly need to select objects with the same set or combination of attributes, you may save those settings as “presets” in the Tool Preferences of the Select Similar tool. Those presets will then appear in the Settings drop-down menu in the Mode Bar.

Check out this related Help doc…

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