26 Jun

TOOLSDAY Tuesday – the Property Line Tool

This TOOLSDAY’s featured tool is the PROPERTY LINE tool, located in the Site Planning tool set in Architect, Landmark, and Designer.

Common use:
• To draw property lines
• To measure a site’s area

Default keyboard shortcut to activate the tool:
• None (It tends to not be used often enough to warrant a default keyboard shortcut.)

More info about the tool’s modes:
• The “Polyline” mode allow you to draw the property lines manually. Just like drawing any polyline, when the Property Line tool is used in this mode, you have access to a number of different polyline modes for straight lines and curves.
• The “Bearing and Distance” mode allows for exact input of surveyed property line info.
• Tool Preferences are available for the Property Line tool, allowing you to set how the tool performs by default every time you use it.

Neat PROPERTY LINE tool tricks:
• Property Line objects can be created from regular polylines/polygon via the “Create Objects from Shapes” command. This great command is found under the AEC menu in Vectorworks Designer and Architect, under the Landmark menu in Vectorworks Landmark, or under the modify menu in Vectorworks Spotlight. The command is also found by right-clicking on the polyline from which you want to create your Property Line object.
• Property Lines can have different Area Units than your overall Vectorworks document.
• Property Line objects have many settings in the Object Info Palette that effect how the object appears, interacts with site models, and reports data.

Check out this related Help doc…

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