To find out if Vectorworks Landmark is a good fit for you, download a Free Trial of Designer, the COMPLETE SET of all three of the Design Series modules: Vectorworks LANDMARK, Architect, and Spotlight:

Vectorworks Landmark is the new standard in Landscape design software. No matter what type of exterior design you work in, when you use Landmark you’ll be able to design whatever you envision. Its flexible tools, versatile capabilities, and intuitive interface provide you with a superior 2D and 3D design application that is second to none.

Is Vectorworks Landmark right for you?

If you create gardens, work with plants, or design other landscape elements — parking lots, site plans, irrigation plans, golf courses, parks or planting plans for outside spaces — Vectorworks Landmark offers the features you want in a comprehensive, intuitive software that will multi-task just like you do. Vectorworks Landmark offers specialized tools for plants, sites, irrigation, parking, roadway, and hardscape, as well as many other tools, commands, and object libraries that have been specifically developed for landscape design.

Vectorworks Landmark gives you the tools and commands necessary to:

  • Design or re-work a garden
  • Explore and create alternative parking lot layouts
  • Plan an urban development
  • Envision and present a park design or upgrade
  • Explore options for a golf course
  • Plan a garden and include planting plans that can be shared with installers
  • Create a drawing that communicates the design — in 2D and in multiple 3D views and projections

For Education

Are you offering design courses in a computer lab environment? Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at deeply discounted pricing for educational institutions. Our lab licenses are very flexible, and permit users to launch  the software from anywhere that has access to your network.