To find out if Vectorworks Spotlight is a good fit for you, download a Free Trial of Designer, the COMPLETE SET of all three of the Design Series modules: Vectorworks SPOTLIGHT, Architect, and Landmark:

Vectorworks Spotlight is the gold standard for CAD software in the Live Entertainment Industry, and is used extensively for entertainment design, entertainment lighting design, sporting events and special Events. With superior 2D and 3D capabilities, you’ll enjoy an ease-of-use not found in competing interfaces. Create powerful presentations and turbo-boost your productivity. With Vectorworks Spotlight’s flexibility, there are no limits to what you can do.

Is Vectorworks Spotlight right for you?

If your specialty is the live entertainment industry — non-profit theatrical shows, for-profit theatre, travelling music or dance shows, exhibit displays, corporate or other presentation events, museum design, or the design or re-design of presentation spaces — Vectorworks Spotlight will help you create a spectacular show or event. As a theatrical, entertainment, museum, event or exhibit designer, you know that in entertainment design you need to present a design that shows your clients something that is both exciting yet clear and detailed. You need a tool that makes you the star of the show: Vectorworks Spotlight.

With Vectorworks Spotlight, you can:

  • Generate detailed Lighting Paperwork for the Rigging crew.
  • Assemble a new or as-built entertainment space and offer options or changes to your clients
  • Present multiple design suggestions to ensure that your vision can be met within their budget and will work well within the given space
  • Present the concept including 3D views, soft spaces, seating, and lighting
  • Use many tools and commands that enable you to quickly create a drawing that communicates the idea — both in 2D and in multiple 3D views.
  • Access specialized tools for trusses, curtains, seating, lights and light placement, and stage design, as well a television and video screens, accessories, and speaker and LED screens.

If you need to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load, please check out the Vectorworks Spotlight plug-in Braceworks.

Do you need to previsualize and cue shows? Vectorworks Vision puts the power at your fingertips with cross-platform, intuitive software that works with your console.

For Education

Are you offering design courses in a computer lab environment? Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks is available at deeply discounted pricing for educational institutions. Our lab licenses are very flexible, and permit users to launch  the software from anywhere that has access to your network.