25 Apr

As World Landscape Architecture Month Comes to a Close…

As World Landscape Architecture Month comes to a close, we introduce you to Bethany Rydmark, a landscape architect from Oregon.

In this episode of the podcast ‘Women’s Work Show,’ Tsh Oxenreider interviews Bethany as she shares what she loves about the industry, along with advice for people who think they want to pursue a career in landscape architecture.

“I love the world – I love the beauty of creation. I just think it’s incredible, the structure and design behind the plants and the leaves and the trees and the colours that change with the seasons. And I love the qualities of space, that you can just tell that there’s been thought put into it, that the environment feels like it’s cared for and tended to. So even as a young kid, being in a space that felt comfortable and looked beautiful was inspiring for me.”

– Bethany Rydmark

Women’s Work Show is a podcast by Tsh Oxenreider, who interviews women in different careers about how they’ve found success and fulfilment on their professional paths.

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